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Since 2012, our team has overseen many successful real estate investment projects from start to finish. Along our path of growth, we have expanded from Cancun to Playa del Carmen and Tulum; and from residential sales to large investment projects.

We’re also the leader in furnished apartment rentals in Mexico, Mayan Riviera through our highly successful vacation rental property management company Tu Inmueble Mexico.

Tu Inmueble Playa del Carmen provides a great deal of extra information about the homes for rent in Mexico, from property type to amenities and everything in between

Whether you’re on the look-out for apartments for rent, condos, single family detached houses, or any other type of rental homes, all it takes is a couple of minutes to find your perfect property that fits your needs . Just call or write us for a fast private response to your needs.

Playa del Carmen Buy Homes
Living in Playa del Carmen
Investing in Playa del Carmen

Property purchases by foreigners in Mexico take place through the fideicomiso system. The Constitution of 1917 proclaimed that all land in Mexico would be “ejido” (communal), or owned by Mexican nationals only .In 1993, Mexico amended the constitution to allow foreigners to purchase real estate within the restricted zone by means of a fideicomiso.A Mexican corporation may be 100% foreign-owned, and may purchase property in a restricted zone without a fideicomiso.A Foreign corporation, like a US LLC may purchase in a restricted zone through a  Mexican fideicomiso.

With our lawyers and notary public we will create a fideicomiso for you without any legal concern and in time to take possession of your property

fideicomiso Mexico HOW?

Short Rentals are 100% legals in Mexico.This means that you can buy and then rent via Airbnb, HomeAway, Flipkey, Booking, TripAdvisors , RoomRama and many others short rentals search engines respecting actual laws.Free market and free competition are welcome in Mexico. 

Vacation Rentals Playa de Carmen and Cancun

Assessing your personal situation and deciding which visa is right for you can require professional assistance, and we have the right team of legal advisers, business consultants and Mexico visa experts that can help you make the right decision so your future is protected here in Mexico.

If you are interested in finding out more about this service or any of the other services we offer then please send us your details in the form below.

Take permanent residency in Mexico


Who Pays?

Acquisition Tax0.18% - 4.565% buyer

Notary Fee0.075% - 1.125% buyer

Registration Fee0.02% - 1.82% buyer

Other fees0.50% - 1.00% buyer

Title Insurance0.50% - 0.70 %buyer

Real Estate Agent´s fee 3% - 6% (+ 16% VAT)seller

Costs paid by buyer 1.13% - 4.69%

Costs paid by seller 3.48% - 6.96%


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